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Our basic policy at Artisan Controls Corporation is to design and produce the best product for our customer’s The people of Artisan Controls have demonstrated this commitment for over 30 years, and it is this depth of experience and knowledge of real world application requirements that makes our company the best.

Delay-On-Make Control

art1The model 438USA Universal Switch Adjustable Time Capsule is an all solid state timer providing delay-on-make control of any 1 amp load device operating from 24 to 240 volts AC or DC. Timing is set via a binary coded dip switch and is adjustable from 1 to 1024 second. When power is applied, the 438USA remains in the “off” state. When the preset time period has elapsed, the 438USA switches “on” allowing the load to energize. The load remains energized as long as power is applied.

Time & Temp Controllers

art2The EPC-12845 is a microcontroller based device which controls a complete cooking schedule from start to finish. Scheduling pf preheat period and temperature, cooking period and temperature, and final keep warm period and temperature is accomplished by extremely easy front panel controls. The keypad found on so many devices is replaced by individual function selection switches and the new popular continuous rotation encoder, making programming very easy.

AC/DC Flasher

art3The model 4215 is a flasher that provides AC or DC control of AC load circuits. Optical isolation between the input control voltage and output load voltage permits input control to be different from the load voltage. When the control voltage is applied, the model 4215 output switch turns a load circuit ON and OFF at a 50% duty cycle. The model 4215 provides zero voltage output switching of AC loads up to 10 amperes. Available in both fixed and adjustable timing models.

4970 Interval Timer

art4The 4970 is a microcontroller based countdown interval timer with digital display of timing, controlling a high current set of output contacts. During the timing cycle the output relay is energized and the display will countdown to zero, at which time the output relay de-energizes. The time base can be programmed to countdown the time in the following ranges: 000.1 – 999.9 seconds, 0001 – 9999 seconds, 00:01 – 59.59 minutes: seconds, and 00:01 – 23.59 hours: minutes.

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