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Electroswitch is an acknowledged leader in the electrical industry. Over 40 years of experience goes into the design and manufacturing of our quality rotary power switches. The application of these switches for control of complex power systems through centralized switchboards and panels has been our specialty in the military, industrial and utility fields.

In addition to being the first choice of major electrical utilities, Electroswitch rotary power switches and relays are specified by manufacturers of high quality, heavy-duty control systems. These range from hi-shock Naval ship-board and nuclear reactor control to rugged industrial equipment such as locomotives, tractors, and other high vibration and hi-shock applications. Their durability and reliability have proven to be the most economical for our customers’ most taxing applications. The dependability of our switches is the result of sound design, careful manufacturing, and rigid quality control. When a product line is as specialized and as critical in application as ours, we have to do the right job the first time…. and every time… to maintain our customers’ demands for the highest quality and reliability.

From critical applications like life support systems and massive data communications centers to every day necessities like street lighting, people depend on the performance of electrical switches. When you select a switch or relay from Electroswitch, you’re gaining the benefit of over 50 years of experience. The primary supplier of rugged, high-quality products for electrical utilities, nuclear power plants and the U.S. Navy, Electroswitch has the knowledge to meet the intricacies of any application with quality, reliability and performance. With Electroswitch, there’s… “Never A Doubt.”

The Advantage is Yours

  • Products proven in the most demanding power industry applications
  • Products with the highest dependability and reliability
  • Proven performance in high shock and vibration environments
  • Qualified supplier to virtually every electric utility in the United States
  • Widest variety of switches and relays available in the industry
  • Custom tailored product modifications
  • Strongest technical support team in the industry
  • Ability to meet the most stringent delivery requirements
  • Place orders electronically using EDI, or utilize mail, phone, or fax
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Snap Action Switches

Characteristics Series 101
Series 103
Series 105
Series 107
SECTIONS 1-12 1-12 1-8 1-8
POLES 1-12 1-12 1-8 1-8
POSITIONS 2-4 2-4 2-4 2-4
DETENT ANGLE 90° 90° 90° 90°
Continuous Rating
Interrupting Current 20A – 600V 45A – 600V 75A – 600V 200A – 600V
120VAC 15A 40A 60A 200A
240VAC 10A 40A 60A 200A
600VAC 5A 30A 60A 200A
24VDC 15A 30A 60A 200A
125VDC 10A 30A 60A {short description of image}upon request
250VDC 5A 30A 60A {short description of image}upon request

TD-CSR Time Delay Control Switch Relay

TDCSRBreaker Control Switch Relay with Time-Delay Trip and Close for “Arc Flash Safe” Operation

The Time Delay Control Switch Relay (TD-CSR) provides an Arc Flash Safe method of Local Breaker Control that does not require SCADA. The TD-CSR expands the functionality of the field proven CSR design to include a new Time Delay Feature. Two front panel mounted push buttons are integrated into the lighted nameplate package. This provides the ability to manually initiate a time delayed breaker trip or close operation. Flashing of the appropriate LED alerts the operator of a pending trip or close operation to allow adequate time to evacuate the “Arc Flash” area. The TD-CSR is available with all of the features and options of the standard CSR. The lighted nameplate includes local LED indication, a remote SCADA contact alarm, and a single or dual trip coil monitoring option.

Additional Features

  • Local Trip or Close with 10 Second Delay via Push Button
  • Flashing LED to Indicate Pending Operation
  • Pending Operation Easily Canceled
  • Visible LED and Trip/Close Flag Indication
  • Four Second Hold Requirement Prevents Accidental Push Button Operation
  • Optional Factory Programmable Delay Time
  • Traditional Manual Trip and Close via Pistol Grip

Safety and Cost-Saving Benefits

  • Provides Safe On-Site Breaker Operation While Keeping Personnel Outside The “Arc Flash Zone”
  • Fits Into Existing Breaker Control Switch Mounting
  • No Special Wiring Required
  • Includes Features of the Standard CSR
  • Intuitive Push Button Operation Simplifies Training Requirements
  • Provides a Reliable, Cost-Effective Method for Arc Flash Hazard Protection

ArcFlash TimeDelayControlSwitchRelayChart

Series 5000 Load Break Switches UL - 98B/IEC

Load Break Switches for Solar Power Applications

The Electroswitch Series 5000 “Load Break Switches” meet the stringent safety requirements found in solar power disconnect switch applications. A fast transfer mechanism combined with self cleaning knife-type contacts assures safe, reliable switching. Tested in accordance with UL 98B and IEC, the Series 5000 provides excellent load carrying, switching and dielectric performance.


  • Stored Energy Fast Transition Make/Break Operation
  • Silver Plated Contacts with Self Cleaning Action
  • Load Current Interrupting (Inductive or Capacitive) to 1000Vdc
  • High Withstand Current Capability with Short Circuit Rating to 100kA
  • Overload Interrupt Current Up to 8 Times Continuous Rating
  • High Voltage DC Capability with Double Break Contacts
  • Enclosed Anti-Arc Chamber Surrounding Each Pole


  • Safe and Reliable Load Switching
  • Reduced Contact Wear
  • Reliable Switch Position Indication
  • Minimized Contact Arcing
  • Excellent Thermal and Dielectric Performance Over Entire Current and Operating Temperature Ranges



  • Operational Current Ratings — up to 1800 Amps
  • Insulation Voltage Rating — up to 1000 Vdc/Vac
  • Rated Dielectric Strength — 3500 – 10,000 Vac
  • Impulse Withstand Voltage — 8 – 12 kV
  • Rated Operational Voltage — up to 1000Vdc
  • Tested to UL98B, CSA 22.3 No. 4, IEC/EN60947-1,EN60947-3

Required Ordering Information

  • Switch Size — 00,0,1,2,3,4
  • Connection — A, B or C (see diagram pg 2)
  • Indexing — 90 Degree
  • Positions — 2
  • Operating Voltage — 600 Vdc, 1000 Vdc
  • Operational Current Rating (Amps) — up to 1250Amps @ 1000 Vdc
  • Operator Handle Option — Direct Mount, Door Mount
  • Standards Requirements — UL or IEC


Series W-2 / Series W - Westinghouse

Characteristics Series W-2
Series W
SECTIONS 1-8 2-10
POLES 1-48 2-10
POSITIONS 2-12 2-12
DETENT ANGLE 30° 30°,45°,60°,90°
Interrupting Current 20A – 600V 20A – 600V
120VAC 30A(110vac) 50A(125VAC)
240VAC 20A 25A(250VAC)
600VAC 8A 5A
125VDC 5A 8A
25VDC 1.65A

Detent Switches

Characteristics Series 21
Series 24
Series 25
SECTIONS 1-30 1-10 1-25
POLES 1-60 1-20 1-75
POSITIONS 2-8 2-8 2-12
DETENT ANGLE 45° 45° 30°
Continuous Rating
Interrupting Current 15A – 600V 230A – 600V 10A – 600V
120VAC 15A 20A 10A
240VAC 7.5A 15A 5A
600VAC 4A 6A 3A
24VDC 10A 3A 7.5A
125VDC 2A
Characteristics Series 28
Series 31 Single Hole
Series 31 4-Hole
SECTIONS 1-15 1-10 1-10
POLES 1-30 1-20 1-20
POSITIONS 2-16 2-8 2-8
DETENT ANGLE 22.5° 45° 45°
Continuous Rating
Interrupting Current 5A – 600V 15A – 600V 15A – 600V
120VAC 5A 10A 10A
240VAC 3A 5A 5A
600VAC 2A 3A 3A
24VDC 5A 5A 5A
125VDC 1A 1A

Lock-Out Relays

eslr Manual Reset (LOR) and Electric Reset (LOR/ER)

High Speed : 8 millisecond response (LOR)
15 millisecond response (LOR/ER)
40 Contacts: LOR and LOR/ER


Rotary Cam-Action Switches for Industrial Applications

Characteristics escam1 Escam2 Escam3 Escam4
SECTIONS 1-12 1-12 1-12 1-12
POLES 1-24 1-24 1-24 1-24
POSITIONS 2-12 2-12 2-12 2-12
DETENT ANGLE 30, 45, 60, 90 30, 45, 60, 90 30, 45, 60, 90 30, 45, 60, 90
Continuous Rating
Interrupting Current 20A – 240 VAC 25A – 600 VAC 25A – 240 VAC 32A – 600 VAC
120VAC 12A 16A 20A 25A
240VAC 12A 16A 20A 25A
600VAC 16A 25A
24VDC 12A 16A 20A 25A
3-Phase Ratings – Reduce by 1/2 fpr 1 phase
220/240VAC 2HP 2HP 5HP 7.5HP
440/480VAC 10HP 15HP
550/600VAC 10HP 15HP
APPROVALS Listed Listed Listed Listed
U/L Listed Yes Yes Yes Yes
CSA Certified Yes Yes Yes Yes
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