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Mechanical Products, Inc. Condensed Circuit Protection

MP is America’s leading manufacturer of thermal correlation circuit control and protection devices. We manufacture the highest quality components available for sensing and preventing dangerous and damaging electrical current overloads. MP Circuit Breakers are specified to safeguard both people and equipment in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • medical equipment
  • computers
  • telecommunications
  • laboratory and production test equipment
  • industrial / commercial products
  • consumer products
  • marine
  • recreational vehicles
  • transportation products

For Over 40 years MP has been in the forefront of the circuit protection business, with unsurpassed product quality and unparalleled service.


  • Power “ON/OFF” Switch Combined with Circuit ProtectionEndurance: 50,000 switch cycles at rated load
  • Snap-in Mounting. Inductive Load Rated at 250VAC
  • Meets Class A clearances per UL 1077
  • “Double Break”, High Interrupt, Trip Free Circuit Protector / Breaker
  • 752 Series is a listed UL489 Molded Case Circuit Breaker. A minimum of 1/2″ needed between terminals and grounded metal parts.
  • High Current Capacity Trip-Free Circuit Protection
  • Switchable for heavy-duty systems
  • Extra heavy contacts and terminals
  • Trouble free contact life
  • Vibration / Shock Resistant
  • Unique Low Cost, Front Panel, Fuse Holder Replacement, Circuit Protector
  • Snap-in mount fits panel thicknesses 0.020 to 0.075. Mounting sizes incl. 5/8″ dia. double D and square holes.
  • Inductive Load Rated at 120VAC (240VAC <=10A)
  • Low Ampere “Snap Acting.” Circuit Protector
  • Various mounting sizes and termination styles available including “Snap-In”
  • Los Cost, “Snap Acting,” Circuit Protection
  • Various mounting sizes and termination styles available including “Snap In.”
  • Series, Shunt, Relay and Dual Voltage Options
  • Heavy Duty, High Ampere Circuit Protector
  • Standard screw terminals
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