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“It’s people who make the difference at Hurst. The challenges we face with integrating our motors into high technology products is met with a spirit and determination that is rooted in the skills and values of our employees. It is they who register the small and large victories that help our company prosper and our customers meet the challenge of the twenty-first century.”
Mike Stroessl, President of Hurst Motors


hurst1The Hurst permanent magnet synchronous motors are reversible permanent-split capacitor motors identical in construction to the Hurst stepping motors. In operation the permanent magnet motor poles lock-in with the effectively rotating stator field and the motor runs at asynchronous speeds of 300 and 600 RPM.


hurst2Hurst offers a broad line of permanent magnet stepping motors of the economical can-stack construction type with step angles in the range of 7.5 to 18 degrees. A complete line of high quality gearing is available for several of the models.


hurst3The obvious advantage these motors have is the elimination of periodic down time to replace worn brushes of ordinary DC motors. Other advantages include more efficient heat dissipation, lower inertia and reduced noise and EMI generation. Taken all together, these advantages make brushless DC Motors highly competitive from both a cost and performance perspective.


hurst4Hurst offers a full line of stepping motor controls.

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