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    E3x Series – Panelboard Monitoring System monitors power at the branch level quickly directing you to energy hogging equipment

  • Available in both solid-core and split-core versions
  • 1 unit monitors up to 92 circuits (84 branch circuits + 2 three-phase mains and 2 neutrals)

Veris5E50 – Din mount compact power and energy meter

  • ANSI 12.2 0.5% accuracy for sub-tenant and energy monitoring
  • Full range of parameter outputs for logging and data collection


PD Power Supplies – DIN mountable, capable of supplying up to 100W of DC power

Control Transformers – Many hub/foot mounting and voltage options provide for application flexibility


Veris2PXU – Universal Mount Dry pressure device configurable for panel or duct mount applications

  • Single SKU flexibility for all typical applications
  • Switch-selectable ranges and scales reduce setup time

Veris1PWL mounted TP AA14A Bracket – Wet pressure device orderable with either NPT or BPST threads, and easily configured with a bypass assembly

  • Dual sensor design for improved overpressure tolerance
  • Jumper-controlled electronic surge dampening for high stability


VMDxB-S – Low level switching bifurcated contact relay

  • Switching as low as 3mA
  • Color-coded push buttons allows manual operation of relay


HT – Humidity sensor with integrated thermostat and humidistat functions

  • Independent RH and T or analog setpoint outputs
  • Switch-selectable 4-20mA or 0-10V/0-5VDC analog outputs

Veris4Viconics VT7600 – Communicating Thermostats provide single and multi-stage control with multiple contacts and option of occupancy control

  • BACnet, Echelon, or wireless communication protocols
  • PI time proportion algorithm, increasing energy savings


Full-line of temperature sensors in duct , wall, outdoor, immersion, and more

  • Thermostat, RTD, and transmitter devices
  • Variety of probe length options



TPI 440 – True RMS DMM/1 MHz Oscilloscope with graphing and logging capability

  • 1 MHz oscilloscope bandwidth
  • RS-232 for PC communication

TPI 1010 – True IAQ Meter using IR technology

  • Monitors CO2 for correct air circulation/exchanges
  • Measures temperature and humidity concurrently and calculates dew point and wet bulb temperatures
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