• Our basic policy at Artisan Controls Corporation is to design and produce the best product for our customer’s The people of Artisan Controls have demonstrated this commitment for over 30 years, and it is this depth of experience and knowledge
  • Coflex, Inc.

    Coflex connectors are made from the highest quality electrical grade copper braid, finely stranded, and woven to provide maximum flexibility. Ferrules are made from copper tubing into which the braid is inserted for the full length of the tubing. High
  • DDP LED Characteristics Color LEDs are highly monochromatic, emitting light in a narrow frequency range. The specific color of a light emitted is a function of the LED substrate material and is measured by peak wavelength (Àpk) in nanometers (nm).
  • Utility & Industrial Electroswitch is an acknowledged leader in the electrical industry. Over 40 years of experience goes into the design and manufacturing of our quality rotary power switches. The application of these switches for control of complex power systems
  • Hasco Components International Corporation was established in 1976. We are the exclusive agent for OKI Electric Co. Ltd for reed switches and reed relays in North America. Along with being the OKI agent for reed products, Hasco manufactures a wide
  • Kooltronic, Inc. was founded in 1956 to fill the need for cooling in the emerging electronics and computer industries. The Company pioneered the development of specialized blowers and fans as well as closed-loop cooling for harsh industrial applications, with the
  • Mechanical Products, Inc. Condensed Circuit Protection MP is America’s leading manufacturer of thermal correlation circuit control and protection devices. We manufacture the highest quality components available for sensing and preventing dangerous and damaging electrical current overloads. MP Circuit Breakers are
  • MEDER electronic AG was founded by Bernhard Meder in 1981 in Singen, Germany and is privately owned. Having an excellent financial position, all expansion and new product development have taken place through internal funding. MEDER electronic is a profitable, highly
  • Ferraz Corporation is a long standing partner of electrical design and project engineers. Being interactive and instrumental in providing the best technical solution and level of product to our partners has always deeply motivated our organization.
  • “It’s people who make the difference at Hurst. The challenges we face with integrating our motors into high technology products is met with a spirit and determination that is rooted in the skills and values of our employees. It is
  • Opto 22 makes Programmable Controllers, Digital I/O Modules, Analog I/O Modules, Factory Floor Software, Solid State Relays, PLC Control Alternative, Remote Terminal Units, Data Acquisition Programmable Controls Digital I/O Modules Analog I/O Modules Factory Floor Software Solid State Relays PLC
  • Orion Fans and accessories are in use worldwide in all kinds of applications. Orion offers a wide range of fans and accessories manufactured to exacting standards. Fans are designed to meet UL/CSA requirements and most carry TÜV and VDE approvals
  • Orion Power Cords are one of the family of quality products manufactured by Knight Electronics. Knight Electronics is a Dallas, Texas based company established in 1980. Orion Power Cords are manufactured to the industry’s highest standards in an ISO 9002
  • PC&S is a customer-service oriented company meeting customer requirements and exceeding expectations. Our quality products for measurement and control are continuously improved. Whether you are an OEM, generator house or panel-builder, contractor or in-house maintenance department, PC&S can provide a
  • FEATURES & BENEFITS Compact size only 1-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ x 3″ Watertight, oil-tight design meets NEMA (IP 67) washdown requirements Highly tamper resistant reduces liability exposure “Positive-break” NC contacts assures interruption of safety circuit upon actuator key removal Rugged, corrosion-resistant
  • Solid State Controls Manufacturer Since 1969 SSAC Inc. designs and manufactures electronic controls for original equipment manufacturers: commercial appliances, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, vending equipment, pumping equipment, etc.; for process control and automation designers; obstruction lighting control
  • POWER/ENERGY MONITORING     E3x Series – Panelboard Monitoring System monitors power at the branch level quickly directing you to energy hogging equipment Available in both solid-core and split-core versions 1 unit monitors up to 92 circuits (84 branch circuits +
  • “Experts in illuminated Electronic Components”
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