European Semiconductor

fsfeurThe Ferraz cartridge style semiconductor fuses offer precise and efficient protection of semiconductors where small current ratings are required. Most styles are available with a visual trip indicator which is an integral part of the fuse design. All sizes and styles have corresponding clips, holders, and/or isolators for ease in mounting and convenient fuse replacement. Most holders/isolators can be equipped with a blown fuse microswitch activated by the trip indicator for remote signaling. All these features make Ferraz cartridge style fuses a favorable solution for low current semi-conductor applications.

Up until now, semiconductor fuses have always been used solely to protect against high short circuit currents. Because of the minimum breaking capacity characteristics associated with semiconductor fuses, it has always been necessary to coordinate with other protective devices for protection against small overloads. However, now Ferraz introduces their new line of gR type (gRB, gRC)** semiconductor fuses which have the ability to clear all faults from the smallest overloads to the highest short-circuit currents. With these “full range” characteristics, Ferraz gR type fuses offer complete protection in semiconductor applications.

600VAC to 1000VAC
1A to 250A I.R.*
100,000A to 220,000A
UL Recognized
Conformity to IEC, BS, DIN, and VDE standards
Current limiting
Fast clearing characteristics
Visual trip indication
Easily mounted into clips, holders, or isolators with optional blown fuse microswitch

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