Round Semiconductor

fsroundFerraz semiconductor fuses represent state-of-the-art protection for SCR’s, diodes, thyristors, GTO’s and IGBT devices. Round semiconductor fuses are built to provide very fast clearing characteristics and can be used whenever fast-acting, current limiting fuses are required. Some typical applications include AC and DC drives, high power rectifiers, UPS systems, DC power supplies, and other such equipment in the power conversion industry.

Ferraz is the leader in the development of IGBT fusing. The need for exceptionally fast acting fuses along with relative application techniques is satisfied by the Ferraz semiconductor fuses

150 Volts AC/DC
to 1000 Volts AC/DC
1A TO 4000A
200,000A I.R.
UL Recognized
Current limiting
Exceptionally low I2t, low watt losses, arc voltages, peak let-throughs.
Plated contacts
Fiberglass melamine body
Optional IL indicator system.

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