• Copper plated RF-switch
  • Isolation voltage up to 9 KV possible
  • Carry current up to 5 A
  • Suitable for numerous RF-applications


Dimensions in mm (inch)

dimension drawing

Contact Data

Contact type 54
Contact form A/dry
Contact material Rh
Standard AT-range (AT) 60-125
Rated Power max. (VA) 25
Switching voltage max. (VAC) 500
Switching current max. (A/RF) 1.5
Carry current max. (A/RF) 5.0
Contact resistance max. (mOhm) 150
Insulation resistance min. (Ohm) 1010
Breakdown voltage min. (VDC) 5000
Operating time incl. bounce (ms) 3.0
Releasing time (ms)
Capacitance (pF) 2.5
Test coil KMS-05

Please note:  The indicated electrical data are maximum values and can vary downwards when using a more sensitive switch.  Exact values are available with your data sheet.

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