• Switching current up to 5 A
  • Suitable for highest switching requirements within the load current range


Dimensions in mm (inch)

Contact Data

Contact type 76
Contact form A/dry
Contact material Pd
Standard AT-range (AT) 40-100
Rated Power max. (W) 60
Switching voltage max. (VDC) 400
Switching current max. (A) 3.0
Carry current max. (A) 5.0
Contact resistance max. (mOhm) 150
Insulation resistance min. (Ohm) 1010
Breakdown voltage min. (VDC) 600
Operating time incl. bounce (ms) 2.5
Release time (ms) 0.5
Capacitance (pF) 0.8
Test coil KMS-05

Please note:  The indicated electrical data are maximum values and can vary downwards when using a more sensitive switch.  Exact values are available with your data sheet.

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