MK1 Series

Surface Mount Reed Sensor


The MK1 sensor series offers a selection of magnetically operated Reed proximity switches with J-lead connections for SMD mounting.

The sensors are provided in the standard 32mm tapes according to IEC 286/part 3.

The magnetic pull-in and drop-out sensitivity is divided into several AT ranges.

Extremely low profile packaging with a component height of only 3.25mm.


Telecommunications, e.g. hook switch sensor in mobile phones

Microphones, e.g. On/Off control switch

Security, Tamper prevention of IR and RF sensor covers

Electronic PCB’s where all components are surface mounted

Presence detection, e.g. in battery chargers


Tolerance +/- 0.10mm (0.004 inch)

Dimension Drawing
Contact Data

Contact type 71
Contact form A/dry
Rated Power max. (W) 10
Switching voltage max. (VDC) 1801
Switching current max. (A) 0.5
Carry current (A) 1.02
Contact resistance max. mOhm 150
Breakdown voltage (contact/contact) min. (VDC) 2103
Operating time incl. bounce (ms) 0.5
Releasing time (ms) 0.1
Operating temperature (°C) -20/+130
Storing temperature (°C) -35/+135

1Range D and E: 200 VDC 2Range D and E: 1.75 A 3Range D: 280 VDC; Range E: 310 VDC

Other switches by request.
Magnetic Sensitivity

Sensitivity class B C D E
Pull-in AT range 10-15 15-20 20-25 25-30
Available switch 71

This data relates to unmodified Reed switches before mounting. Please refer to the respective single data sheets for sensitivity data and measurement methods for finished assemblies.

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