MK15 Series

Reed Sensor for SMD mounting


MK15 are magnetically operated Reed proximity sensors for SMD mounting.

Lead design 1: Flat, straight leads for pcb mounting.

Lead design 2: Flat, bent SMD leads.

Lead design 3: J lead.

The sensors are supplied taped & reeled according to IEC 286 / part 3 suitable for auto-placement. The magnetic pull-in sensitivity is divided in several AT classes at 5 AT steps each.

The special features of this series are the small dimensions of only 19.5 x 2,5 x 2.5mm and the simple internal structure (low cost version).


Electronic pcb’s where all components are surface mounted

No power-requirement sensor for low power applications

Telecommunication applications, e.g. hook switch in mobile and hard wired phones

Switching element in microphones


Tolerance +/- 0.10mm (0.004 inch)

Packaging (Tape and Reel)

Packaging Drawing

Contact Data

Contact type 71
Contact form A/dry
Rated Power max. (W) 10
Switching voltage max. (VDC) 200
Switching current max. (A) 0.5
Carry current (A) 1.0
Contact resistance max. mOhm 150
Breakdown voltage contact/contact) min. (VDC) 250
Operating time incl. bounce (ms) 0.5
Releasing time (ms) 0.1
Operating temperature (°C) -20/+130
Storage temperature max. (°C) -35/+130

Other switches by request.

Magnetic Sensitivity

Sensitivity class B C D E
Pull-in AT range 10-15 15-20 20-25 25-30
Available switches 71

Order Information

Order Info

Ordering example

MK15 – B – 1

MK15 Reed Sensor, sensitivity class B, lead design 1

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