MK19 Series

Reed Sensors in Tall Package for PCB Mounting


MK19 sensors are magnetically operated Reed proximity switches in a tall stand off package for PCB mounting. The sensor should be mounted on a fixed surface with the actuating magnet, e.g. M3, on the moving surface.  Introduction or removal of the magnetic field determines the closing and opening of the Reed Switch.


Telecommunications, Receiver hook switch

Air conditioning and clean room systems, Filter condition detection

Pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders, Position detection

Machine Industry


Tolerance +/- 0.10mm (0.004 inch)

Contact Data

Contact type
Contact form A/dry
Rated Power max. (W) 10
Switching voltage max. (VDC) 200
Switching current max. (A) 0.5
Carry current (A) 1.25
Contact resistance max. mOhm 150
Breakdown voltage (contact/contact) min. (VDC) 200
Operating time incl. bounce (ms) 0.7
Releasing time (ms) 0.1
Operating temperature (°C) -20/+85
Storing temperature (°C) -35/+130

Other switches by request.

Magnetic Sensitivity

Sensitivity class B C D
Pull-in AT range 10-15 15-20 20-25

This data relates to unmodified Reed switches before mounting. Please refer to the respective single data sheets for sensitivity data and measurement methods for finished assemblies.

Order information

Ordering example

MK19 – C

MK19 is the Reed Sensor, C is the Sensitivity Class

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