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Artisan Parts List

 Artisan Parts List
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Part Number Description
2600A-3-5 Timer
2600SA-8 Timer
4210-115-120 Flasher
4210-115-150 Flasher
4210-115-30FPM Timer
4210-115-60 Flasher
4210-115-60FPM Timer
4210-230-60FPM Timer
4210-24-60 Timer
4215-6-A Timer
4215-A-8-B-2 Timer
4215-A-88-B-1 Timer
423-12-120 Timer
423-12-60FPM Timer
423-12-60FPS Timer
423-24-120 Timer
423-24-45-FPM Timer
423-24-60FPM Timer
423-36-60-C Flasher
4300A-1-1 Timer
4300A-3-2 Timer
4300A-3-3 Timer
4300A-8-1 Timer
4300A-8-2 Timer
4300A-8-3 Timer
4300A-8-5 Timer
4300A-9-2 Timer
4300F-2-2000-C Timer
4300F-3-1-A Timer
4300F-8-0.5-D Timer
4300F-8-45-A Timer, 45 sec.
4300F-8-45-C Timer, 45 sec.
4300F-8-600-A Timer, 600 sec.
4300F-8-600-C Timer, 600 sec.
4300F-9-45-A Timer, 45 sec.
4300F-9-600 Timer, 600 sec.
4300F-9-600-A Timer, 600 sec.
4300F-9-7200C Timer
4310-8-B-4 Timer
4310A-2-A-1 Timer
4310A-2-A-3 Timer
4310A-2-A3 Timer
4310A-3-A-1 Timer
4310A-8-B-1 Timer
4310A-8-B-2 Timer
4310A-8-B-3 Timer
4310A-8-B-4 Timer
4310A-8-B-5 Timer
4310A-9-A-4 Timer
4310A-9-B-2 Timer
4310F-8-A-8-C Timer
4315A-6-8-B-2-B Timer
4315A-8-8-B-1 Timer
437-12-90-A Timer
437-22-0.2A Timer
437-24-2-C Timer
437-24-28-C Timer
437-24-3-A Timer
437-24-30-A Timer
437-24-5-A Timer
4386-2-A Timer
4389A-2-2 Timer
438A-115-1 Timer
438A-115-2 Timer
438A-115-3 Timer
438A-115-5 Timer
438A-12-2 Timer
438A-120-5 Timer
438A-230-2 Timer
438A-24-1 Timer
438A-24-2 Timer
438A-24-5 Timer
438AP-115-1 Timer
438AP-115-1-OB Timer
438AP-115-2 Timer
438AP-115-5 Timer
438AP-12-4 Timer
438F-115-0.5 Timer
438F-115-1 Timer
438F-115-12 Timer
438F-115-120 Timer, 120 sec.
438F-115-12S Timer
438F-115-180S Timer
438F-115-2 Timer
438F-115-5 Timer
438F-12-5 Timer
438F-230-1 Timer
438F-24-10 Flasher
438U Timer
438UP Timer
438UPF Timer
438USA Timer
438USA INT Timer
438USA-1 Timer
438USA-3 Timer
438USAF Universal Flasher
438USAI-2 Timer
4390A-A Delay Timer 115V
439A-5 Timer
46001720C600C Timer
4600A-1-1-1-A Timer
4600A-2-1-B Timer
4600A-2-2-2-L Timer
4600A-2-2-A Timer
4600A-2-3-A Timer
4600A-6-1-A Timer
4600A-6-2-A Timer
4600A-6-4-A Timer
4600F-6-2.14A1A Timer
4600F-6-2.1A1A Timer
4600F-62.1B0.1B Timer
4600F-6240C3C Timer
4600F-7-120C-60C Timer
4603A-3-C-3-5 Timer
4604-A-6-2 Timer
4608 Repeat Timer 115V
4608-115VAC Timer
4610A-6-1-A Timer
4610A-6-2-A Timer
4610A-6-3-B Timer
4610F-6-3600-B-180-C Timer
4710A-2-A-3 Timer
4710A-3-A-1 Timer
4710A-3-A-4 Timer
4710A-6-B-4 Timer
4710A-8-A-2 Timer
4710A-8-A-4 Timer
4710A-8-B-1 Timer
4710A-8-B-2 Timer
4710A-8-B-4 Timer
4710A-9-B-3 Timer
4710F-6-A-10-C Timer
4710F-6-A-5-C Timer
4710F-6-B-10-C Timer
4710F-8-A-10-C Timer
4710F-8-B-10-C Timer
4887A-2-1 Timer
4950-115VAC Timer
4950B-115 Timer
4950H Timer
4950H-230VAC Timer
4950PM-115/230VAC Timer
4950PM-12VDC Timer
4965PM-120VAC Timer
4970-1 Timer
4970-115 Timer
4970-2 Timer, 115VAC
4970-3 Timer, 230VAC
4972 Timer
4980-2 Timer
8-PIN SPADE PC Connector, GR108
8402HP Timer
8403HP Timer
EPC-11488 Timer
EPC-11958 Timer
EPC-12179 Special Timer
EPC-12209 Special Timer
EPC-124-20 Timer
EPC-12434-8-100MS Timer
EPC-12657 Timer
EPC-13199 Timer
EPC-13496 Special Timer
EPC12209 Timer
EPC12420-24VDC-6-4 Timer
EPC12420-24VDC-7-6 Timer
EPC12778 Special Timer
PP-1308 KNOB
SR-8000 Timer