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C3Controls Parts List

 C3Controls Parts List
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Part Number Description
13SBLG120ST-13GNF 13mm 120V LED
13SBLG120WL w/ 13GNR Round
13SBLW120ST-13WEF 13mm 120V LED
13SBLW120WL w/ 13WER Round
16RMV20-227DLGMPLLGN 16mm - Green
16RMV20-227DLRMPLLRD 16mm - Red
16RMV20-227FLBMPLLBE 16mm - Blue
22FVL120LA-XPLAR Series 22 22mm - Amber
22FVL120LB-XPLBE Series 22 22mm - Blue
22FVL120LG-XPLGN Series 22 22mm - Green
22FVL120LR-XPLRD Series 22 22mm - Red
22FVL120LW-XPLWE Series 22 22mm - White
22FVL24LG-MPLGN Series 22 22mm - Green
22FVL24LR-MPLRD Series 22 22mm - Red
22FVL24LW-MPLWE Series 22 22mm - White
22PBNC-XFBK Series 22 Push Button
22PBNO-XMYW Series 22 Push Button
CBNO C3 Contact Block
DDS2-330-DHMRY C3 30amp DC Dissconnect
DRMR3A Alum Din Rail 33mm x 7.7mm/slotted, 1 meter
FVLU120LA-PLLAR 30mm Pilot Light - Amber
FVLU120LG-PLLGN 30mm Pilot Light - Green
FVLU120LR-PPLRD 30mm Pilot Light - Red
FVLU120LW-PLLWE 30mm Pilot Light - White
GPRA-SB11G1 (7)11Blade Guarded 20/25 AP
HP 30, Hole Plug
KOSS2KL-NO 30mm Key Sel SW
LED12WE 12V White LED
LED130GN Green LED
LED130WE White LED
LED24AR 24V Amber LED
LED24GN 24V Green LED
LPWE-22 30KMM LP White
LPWE-23 30mm LP White
LPWE-83 30mm Legend Plate/White
MFVL120LA-MPLLAR Series 16 16mm, 120V, Amber
MFVL120LG-MPLLGN Series 16 16mm, 120V, Green
MFVL120LR-MPLLRD Series 16 16mm, 120V, Red
MFVL120LW-MPLLWE Series 16 16mm, 120V, White
MFVL24NL Series 16 16mm Socket
MLR240LNL Series 16 LED Resistor Lighht
MLR240LNL-MPLLGN Series 16 Lamp Socket Green
MLR240LNL-MPLLRD Series 16 Lamp Socket Red
MPLLAR Amber Lens
MPLLBE Blue Lens
MPLLGN Green Lens
MPLLWE White Lens
MRL120I-MPLLGN Indicator, 125VDC, Green
MRL120I-MPLLRD Indicator, 125VDC, Red
MRL120ILN-MPLLGN 120V Socket & Lens, Green
MRL120ILN-MPLLRD 120V Socket & Lens, Red
MRL120LAMPLLAR Series 16 120V Amber Pilot
MRL120LBMPLLBE Series 16 120V Blue Pilot
MRL120LGMPLLGN Series 16 120V Green Pilot
MRL120LRMPLLRD Series 16 120V Red Pilot
MRL120LWMPLLWE Series 16 120V White Pilot
MRL120LWMPLLYW Series 16 120V Yellow Pilot
MRL125D-LAMPLL-AR Series 16 125VDC Amber Pilot
MRL152D-LBMPLL-BE Series 16 125VDC Blue Pilot
MRL240LGMPLLGN Series 16 240V Green
MRL240LNL-MPLLGN Series 16 Green Lamp Socket
MRL240LNL-MPLLRD Series 16 Red Lamp Socket
MRL240LRMPLLRD Series 16 240V Red
MRL48LA-MPLLAR Series 16 16mm, 48VAC, Amber
MRL48LB-MPLLBE Series 16 16mm, 48VAC, Blue
MRL48LG-MPLLGN Series 16 16mm, 48VAC, Green
MRL48LR-MPLLRD Series 16 16mm, 48VAC, Red
MRL48LW-MPLLWE Series 16 16mm, 48VAC, White
PBO-AFCBK-NO/NC Series 30 30mm Black Push Button
PBO-AFCGN-NO/NC Series 30 30mm Green Push Button
PBO-AFCRD-NO/NC Series 30 30mm Red Push Button
PBO-FCBK-NO/NC Series 30 30mm Black Push Button
PLLGN Series 30 Green Lens
PLLRD Series 30 Red Lens
PPLAR Series 30 Amber Lens
PPLWE Series 30 White Lens
PTR-TMCRD-NO/NC Series 30 Push Button, Twist Release
RLU120LG-APLLGN-IP20 Series 30 Green Pilot
RLU120LR-APLLRD-IP20 Series 30 Red Pilot
RLU240LG-APLLGN-IP20 Series 30 Green Pilot
RLU240LNL Series 30 LED Light
RLU240LNL-PLLGN Series 30 Green Lamp Socket
RLU240LNL-PLLRD Series 30 Red Lamp Socket
RLU240LR-APLLRD-IP20 Series 30 Red Pilot
RLU480LNL Series 30 30mm Resistor
RLU480LNL-PLLGN Series 30 Green Lamp Socket
RLU480LNL-PLLRD Series 30 Red Lamp Socket
SROLRCASHWENONCNONC Series 30 3 position spring return, White
SSO3SHWE-NO-NC/NO-NC Series 30 3 position selector switch, White
W22PL-RMVDLA-WLA Series 22 White Pilot
W22PL-RMVDLG-WLG Series 22 Green Pilot
W22PL-RMVDLR-WLR Series 22 Red Pilot
W22PL-RMVDLW-WLW Series 22 White Pilot